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Gorilla Mind takes on the beef liver market with premium grass-fed Argentinian beef

Gorilla Mind Beef Liver

The fifth and final new supplement Gorilla Mind is launching for Black Friday has been announced and is going live tomorrow, joining its revamped Gorilla Mind Smooth, its caffeinated spin-off, and the seasonal Spiked Cider flavor of Gorilla Mode and Gorilla Mode Nitric. The powerhouse brand is getting into the exploded beef liver market with Gorilla Mind Beef Liver, made with premium, grass-fed, pasture-raised Argentinian beef.

Gorilla Mind Beef Liver proudly promotes itself as having the equivalent of 1oz of beef liver in one of its multiple-capsule servings, with half a gram of beef liver in each of the 180 capsules per bottle. Again, the brand has clearly put a lot of effort into the quality of the ingredient in its beef liver competitor, going with high-quality Argentinian beef, but we imagine it’ll be similar to others in the category or at least close, maybe around $40.

Regardless of what Gorilla Mind Beef Liver launches at, because it is dropping on Black Friday, the first chance fans are able to get their hand on it will be at a strong discount. For the annual sales celebration, the brand is discounting everything by 30%, bringing the likes of Gorilla Mode and its signature Turk-Plex down to $34.99 each. As for Gorilla Mind Beef Liver, if that comes in at $40 or even $45, those fall to $31.5 and $28, respectively.