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Inspired announces its hydration drink with a gram of electrolytes and a twist of longevity

Inspired Endless Hydration Drink

Inspired Nutraceuticals has announced its entry into the hydration space, and while it is first and foremost a supplement company, this is not in your traditional supplement format of bulk powder, flavored powder, or even capsules. The reputable brand responsible for the powerhouse pre-workout DVST8, which has seen many highly effective, top-rated versions over the years, has unveiled its upcoming Endless hydration beverage.

The Endless hydration drink from Inspired Nutraceuticals is a half-liter beverage featuring a variety of ingredients, primarily to support hydration and performance, but with a few other surprises in the mix to genuinely separate it from the competition. Taking care of the hydration benefits in Inspired’s Endless is a hefty total of over a gram of essential electrolytes, and for what the brand calls hyperhydration, added GlycoClear glycerol.

Inspired Nutraceuticals Endless hydration beverage has an intriguing twist by way of Compound Solutions’ patent-pending Yuth spermidine to replace old cells and support healthy aging. The longevity and anti-aging infusion is not something you’ll find in any other drink that centers around hydration, and it’s good to see Inspired mixes things up without taking away from the selection of ingredients for the primary purpose.

Inspired Nutraceuticals plans on officially launching its all-new Endless hydration drink in a few weeks; in fact, precisely three weeks from yesterday, right on the annual sales event that is Black Friday. Not only does that mean you’ll be able to get your hands on the electrolyte, GlycoClear, and Yuth-fueled drink relatively soon, you’ll also be able to get it on sale, as it wouldn’t be Black Friday without some sort of deal or discount.