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Christmassy Julmust returns to the menu of GAAM’s signature energy drink

Julmust Gaam Energy Drink Back For 2023

Similar to Easter and even Valentine’s Day, every year around the holiday season, Swedish house brand GAAM Nutrition from the team at Proteinbolaget releases the same special edition flavor of its signature energizing beverage. That taste is Julmust, a traditional cola-like soft drink the country itself puts on shelves in supermarkets around Christmas, which GAAM has recreated for the caffeinated GAAM Energy Drink many times.

With the holidays right around the corner and Christmas about six weeks away, Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition have indeed brought back their seasonal Julmust GAAM Energy Drink, with that classic Swedish taste and key ingredients in 180mg of caffeine and vitamins alongside minimal calories. The product is already in stock and available for purchase from Proteinbolaget’s online store, and it features its familiar Christmassy design.