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Traditional Panettone comes to Life Pro but with high protein, almost no sugar and low calories

Life Pro Nutrition Protein Panettone

The soft, fluffy and flaky Fit Food Croissant is not the only functional food the team at Life Pro Nutrition has rolled out here in the month of November. The brand has also introduced Fit Food Panetone, and as some may gather by the name, this is not meant to be year-round. Life Pro’s Panetone is a better-for-you, protein-heightened snack intended to replicate the classic Italian sweet bread Panettone usually prepared and served around the holidays.

Life Pro Nutrition has put in its usual effort and reliable nutrition into Fit Food Panetone, giving you a very different set of macros compared to a traditional loaf or piece of the bread-like fruit cake, Panettone. The product is made with wheat protein, butter, bean protein, and sweet chocolate chips spread throughout, altogether providing 11g of protein a pack, close to the same in fat at 12g, a low 5g of carbohydrates, half a gram of sugar, and 186 calories.

You will pay a bit more for Life Pro Nutrition’s better for you Panettone, Fit Food Panetone, compared to yesterday’s Fit Food Croissant at €4.50 (4.92 USD) each. The brand conveniently sells its Christmassy effort individually on its website, making it nice and easy to test it out as you don’t have to spend big and commit to a whole box just to try a sample.