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Life Pro manages to put 13g of protein and half a gram of sugar into a flaky and fluffy croissant

Life Pro Nutrition Fit Food Croissant

Life Pro Nutrition from Spain is one of the many hard-working brands in the running for our Functional Brand Of The Year Award, despite protein treats and better-for-you snacks only being part of what it offers. This week, the creative company has introduced another reason as to why it should take home the title this year over its fellow nominees with Fit Food Croissant, and like many of Life Pro’s other foods, it is high in protein.

The Fit Food Croissant from Life Pro Nutrition is designed to be much like the baked treat of the same name, featuring a fluffy, flaky, and soft main body, but it has a heightened 13g of protein per piece. The other macros aren’t too bad, with 12g of fat, an impressively low carbohydrate count of 5g, only half a gram of that sugar, and all ending on a solid 190 calories.

That nutrition profile is actually relatively light, and the snack itself, Life Pro Nutrition’s Fit Food Croissant, is still somewhat heavy, tipping the scales close to your typical protein bar at 50g. The product is available in two flavors, Natural and Chocolate, with a rich, decadent chocolate filling. You can grab the high protein croissant straight from Life Pro’s online store at at €2.95 (3.24 USD) for either of its two flavors.