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Three special edition flavors of Nitro-Tech protein powder coming soon to Europe

Muscletech teases Special Edition European Nitro Tech Whey Gold

MuscleTech is an international giant known all around the world and equally available across the globe, and not just simply on shelves; it has a strong presence in retailers well beyond the borders of the major North American market. The legacy sports nutrition company supported that reach and its international partners with the recent release of special edition Churros and Dulce de leche flavors of Nitro-Tech Whey Gold for the likes of Chile, Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Curacao, and Costa Rica.

MuscleTech is about to do the same sort of thing but for the European market, as it has begun teasing another family of special edition flavors for its Nitro-Tech protein powder, three to be exact. We don’t have any idea what any of the three will be, just the small snapshot pictured above. It would be good to assume that since all three of them are going into distribution specifically in Europe, they’ll likely be European-type tastes like gelato, Germany’s crescent cookies, or maybe even macaron.