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Myprotein is turning IRN-BRU into a flavor of protein in partnership with the Stoltman brothers

Myprotein Iron Brute Clear Whey Protein

Myprotein has a long list of premier ambassadors and athletes, including the Strong Man brothers, Luke Stoltman, and two-time World’s Strongest Man, Tom Stoltman. The Stoltman brothers are from Scotland, and playing into that, the team at Myprotein has partnered with them to bring a bit of Scottish flavor to its lineup. The brand and Stoltman’s have revealed they are launching an intriguing Iron Brute flavor for its popular Clear Whey Protein.

Myprotein has not flat-out said its Iron Brute Clear Whey Protein is inspired by the classic soda Irn-Bru, but all of the details are pointing to it. Luke and Tom Stoltman showed that it’s based on an orange-colored soda; Irn-Bru is, of course, from Scotland itself; and the name Iron Brute is an undeniable nod. The product will presumably have Clear Whey Protein’s typically very lean nutrition profile of 20g of protein a serving, almost no carbohydrates, zero fat, and a low-calorie count of around 80 to 90 a serving.

To ensure fans of Myprotein and the Stoltman brothers are prepared and ready for the arrival of Iron Brute Clear Whey Protein, an official launch date has been set. The sports nutrition giant is planning to make the special edition collaborationn available for purchase directly through its online store at in a week and a half on Sunday, the 10th of next month.