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Beast Pharm, Fresh and Zombie Labs get the nod for Newcomer Of The Year

Newcomer Of The Year 2023 Nominees

With another week comes another round of nominees announced for another category of our annual Brand Of The Year Awards. Already in the month of November, we’ve shared the companies in the running for our Functional Food Brand Of The Year and the highly competitive International Brand Of The Year. Today, we’ve got the nominees in the one last category before we announce those up for the prestigious Brand Of The Year.

Like the other categories, our Newcomer Of The Year Award is about a brand that has been consistently impressive across the year, or at least since it made its debut, rolled out new supplements for an even stronger selection, as well as dropped some fun and exciting flavor extensions. The one limitation in this category specifically is that it’s Newcomer Of The Year, and the nominees have to have launched after November of last year.

  • Beast Pharm
  • Fresh Supps
  • Zombie Labs

All of those brands have indeed done a great job standing out in the conditions that we look for in our Newcomer Of The Year Award as well as other categories of our annual Brand Of The Year Awards. Coincidentally, one of those companies is also in the running for International Brand Of The Year in Zombie Labs out of Australia. Fresh Supps and Beast Pharm also put in plenty of effort in their first year of business, and we look forward to awarding one of them the Newcomer title in the coming weeks.

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