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Christmas creations Skum Tomte and Skum Nisse are back for another Christmas at NOCCO

Nocco Skum Tomte And Nisse Back For 2023

For the last several years, the No Carbs Company in Sweden, NOCCO, has released special edition flavors of its signature beverage for Christmas. The brand has kept things rather exciting, doing a pair of limited-time tastes as opposed to a single. Since Christmas of 2020, those two holiday-themed flavors of the NOCCO energy drink have been the strawberry candy Skum Nisse and the marshmallow Skum Tomte.

This announcement may not come as too much of a surprise, but both Skum Nisse and Skum Tomte flavors of the NOCCO energy drink are back to celebrate another season of giving, featuring all of their same ingredients and taste experiences. The products are rolling out to stores across Sweden and provide all of the company’s signature highlights of 3g of BCAAs, 180mg of caffeine for energy, and, of course, no sugar.

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