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Sports drink spin-off Hydrade is now also a functional sports nutrition brand

Npl Hydrade Fuel Bar

NPL in South Africa has expanded its sub-brand Hydrade beyond its original product, the electrolyte-filled hydration beverage self-titled Hydrade, and featuring a variety of minerals, essential electrolytes, and some carbohydrates for fuel. The sports drink still comes in the same five flavors it debuted in with Island Vibe, Mango Melon, Satsuma Naartjie, Violet Haze, and the traditional but alternatively spelled Blue Razzberry.

Hydrade is no longer strapped down the beverage format, as it has introduced the Hydrade Fuel Bar, which has a similar purpose to the Hydrade beverage. The functional food is an oat-based bar, tipping the scales at a moderate 35g a piece, boasting 21g of carbohydrates with half of that sugar, fat at 4.2g, a low protein of 3g, and calories of 135. You can clearly see it’s a snack geared towards fuel and performance, not so much giving you a good source of protein like most sports nutrition foods.

Interestingly, NPL has also added electrolytes and a selection of B vitamins to support the energy and performance side. The brand doesn’t have quite as many flavors available for its second-ever Hydrade offering, the Hydrade Fuel Bar, with three to choose from in Cocoa Chocolate, Cinnamon Nut, and a fruity Berry Yogurt. You can get any or all of them directly through the South African company’s online store, where there is a buy one get one offer working out to R239.95 for 24 bars.