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Fresh off her Olympia appearance Core releases a flavor of Pump with Daraja Weidemoyer

Pink Lemonade Core Pump

Core Nutritionals has teamed up with one of its premier athletes for a special edition flavor, which is not something we can recall the reputable sports nutrition brand doing before. It’s certainly done a partnership product by way of Paul Revelia’s PR Series, involving the likes of Core Burn and authentic flavors with Fun Sweets and Moose Tracks, but not a signature taste and that is what it’s just dropped on its website in a taste put together with Olympia Bikini competitor Daraja Weidemoyer.

Fresh off of her top ten finish at this year’s Olympia contest, which went down this past weekend, Core Nutritionals has released a flavor collaboration with Daraja, specifically for the stimulant-free and well-rounded pre-workout Core Pump. The taste the brand and athlete have crafted together is a classic Pink Lemonade, available starting this week at, where you can pay the usual $49.99 for a single tub, or if you want to save a bit of money, you can get two at $45 each.