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Protella makes a doughnut-based flavor for its protein powder and Creapure creatine

Protella Whey Protein And Creatine

Beginning tomorrow, Protella in Europe is going to have a new flavor available, the same flavor, in fact, for two separate supplements, and it is an interesting option, fitting nicely alongside its other many uncommon creations. Protella isn’t your typical sports nutrition competitor; it is mostly known for its functional foods, especially its low-calorie, better-for-you sauces, as well as its crispy Protein Rolls, and signature protein spread, which we suspect is where it gets its name from in Protein + Nutella.

The new flavor creation from Protella is relatively self-explanatory in Doughnut, presumably providing a sweet, savory doughnut dough-type taste. The brand has put the experience together for two of its only four supplements in the traditional protein powder Whey Protein, providing 21g of whey-powered protein in a 30g serving with 117 calories. The other product getting the intriguing Doughnut flavor is the equally straightforward Protella Creatine, a bulk, standalone tub of Creapure creatine.

Again, both Protella’s Doughnut Whey Protein and Creatine are going to be available beginning tomorrow over at, where the brand sells all of its supplements at reasonable prices, including a 1kg tub of the protein powder at €34.90 (37.40 USD) and €32.90 (35.25 USD) for the creatine.