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Redcon1 rolls out half of its special edition six-product collaboration with Mossy Oak

Redcon1 X Mossy Oak Series Debut

Fans of Redcon1 may remember way back at the beginning of the year, around April, the two-time Brand Of The Year announced a partnership with the outdoor lifestyle company Mossy Oak. The two said they would be coming together for a series of special edition flavors for already available Redcon1 supplements and functional foods, all covered in alternative branding to reinforce the collaboration between Redcon1 and Mossy Oak.

After all of these months, Redcon1 has officially launched half of the Mossy Oak Collection in a decadent Chocolate Mousse MRE Lite, Sour Wild Berry Total War, and a genuinely delicious-sounding Caramel Trail Mix MRE Bar. These three products were confirmed back in April to be arriving first but somewhere in August, and they’re all now available for purchase straight from at $44.99 for MRE Lite, the usual price of the Total War pre-workout at $42.99, and a box of the MRE Bar is $34.99.

With three items down, there are still three other pieces in the Redcon1 and Mossy Oak collaboration, which were also announced half a year ago in April. The other items are a Wild Blueberry flavor of the MRE Muffin, the tasty MRE RTD in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and a Wild Berry Redcon1 Energy Drink. Those three were always said to be coming in early 2024, so while the first half was late, the second half has the chance to be on time.