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Second supplement from Sixx is a probiotic proven to support performance and endurance

Sixx Nutrition Be0301 Extreme Probiotic

Newcomer Sixx Nutrition recently hit the market with the somewhat self-titled supplement Sixx Burn, a weight loss formula featuring ingredients for energy, focus, metabolism, thermogenesis, and overall weight loss support. This week, the young and growing company has introduced its second-ever sports nutrition product named something a little less obvious than Sixx Burn in BE0301, described as an extreme probiotic.

Sixx Nutrition’s BE0301 gets its name from the main ingredient in the supplement, which is the premium probiotic BE0301, at 150mg in a single-capsule serving. This isn’t your typical probiotic to improve digestion and gut health; it is specifically a clinically proven performance probiotic. BE0301 has been shown to improve sports performance, muscular endurance, and reduce fatigue post-exercise for better muscle recovery.

BE0301 from Sixx Nutrition combines the premium and proven probiotic at its 150mg dose with beef protein isolate at 200mg and pea protein isolate at 250mg, although the performance-supporting probiotic is the main focus. With such a promising main ingredient, the brand has given its second supplement a premium price to match at $49.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, $15 more than its debut product, the fat burner Sixx Burn.