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Protein powder is finally coming to Skinny Food Co in its own whey-based protein powder

Skinny Food Co Skinny Whey

Similar to fellow UK-based retailer Protein Pick and Mix, the brand and sports nutrition store The Skinny Food Co has created its own protein powder, introducing Skinny Whey. The company has pumped out several items over the years under its name, although they’ve all been functional foods and better-for-you snacks. That’s included high-protein bread and buns, the delicious high-protein Skinny Duo Bar, and Skinny Food’s signature series of low-calorie sauces, nothing too traditional supplement wise.

The upcoming Skinny Whey from The Skinny Food Co is expected to be a relatively straightforward protein powder, relying on whey to provide 20 to 21g of protein, alongside lean carbohydrates and fat, and presumably a typical calorie count for this sort of sports nutrition product. The UK-based functional company is launching Skinny Whey shortly through its online store in small 2lb tubs with three flavors to choose from, all looking to continue the delicious experience it’s known for from its treats and snacks.