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Wilde spices up the menu of its protein-packed chip snack with a new flavor at Target and Sprouts

Spicy Queso Wilde Protein Chips

The delicious and savory high-protein chip snack, Wilde Protein Chips, has a new flavor to share with fans and better-for-you connoisseurs; of course, for its signature, protein-packed, crispy chip product. Wilde Protein Chips are uniquely made from actual chicken breast and egg whites, hence why they have a lot more protein than your traditional potato chip at 10g in a 30g serving, alongside a matching 10g of fat, an almost level 9g of carbohydrates, and around 170 calories.

The latest flavor creation from the team behind the Wilde Protein Chips, joining its other enjoyable tastes like Barbeque, Buffalo Chicken, and our favorite, Chicken & Waffles, is something a bit more on the spicy side in Spicy Queso. The product promises an experience similar to a blend of aged cheddar, smoky chipotle, and roasted jalapeno but in the form of a bag of Wilde Protein Chips, giving you an extra high 13g of protein in a 30g serving, and it’s available this month at Target and Sprouts.

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