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Swedish Powerfactory makes another pre-workout that’s practically identical to its original

Swedish Powerfactory Vargen

Swedish newcomer Swedish Powerfactory has interestingly introduced two new pre-workouts, or essentially the one single supplement available in two versions. The name of the product is Vargen, which translates from Swedish to, The Wolf. Again, it comes in two versions, one with stimulants and one without, although what makes this intriguing is that the formula is practically identical to that of its already available Bamse.

Basically, every ingredient that’s in Bamse is in Swedish Powerfactory’s Vargen pre-workout, with just one exception, and that is acetyl-l-carnitine. The new supplement has the same 4g of pure citrulline, half a gram of choline for focus, and 2g of betaine. Bamse has always been a stimulant-free product, so it doesn’t have caffeine in common with the stimulating variety of Vargen, which has a moderate 200mg for energy.

Vargen almost feels like a replacement for Swedish Powerfactory’s original Bamse, as again, they’re practically identical minus the acetyl-l-carnitine, and you get two versions in Vargen: caffeinated for a boost in energy or stimulant-free where the situation doesn’t require anything like that. There is a jump in price with the brand selling its new pre-workout at SEK 399 (37.88 USD), a small increase from Bamse’s SEK 369.