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Kentai’s compact 200ml protein RTD lands another uncommon flavor in Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Kentai Protein Shake

Kentai in Japan has added another flavor to the menu of its on-the-go protein-packed beverage in the simply named Kentai Protein Shake. It wasn’t too long ago the sports nutrition company added a coffee-themed taste to that same product in Cafe Au Lait. That option is still very much available for the high-protein drink as well as the brand’s much older Salted Caramel, and coming onboard this month is a unique Sweet Potato.

Sweet Potato certainly isn’t a common flavor of protein shakes of any kind here in the US, but it’s much more favored in Asia, especially Japan, as we can see right here with the all-new Sweet Potato Kentai Protein Shake. The product is rolling out into the market in November, combining that sweet potato taste with the compact 200ml beverage’s usual macros of 20g of protein, 2.8g of fat, a more meal replacement-style carbohydrate count of 10g with well under a gram of that sugar, and 148 calories.

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