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Gourmet low-calorie sauce brand Taste Flavor Co is making a comeback

Taste Flavor Co Comeback

Taste Flavor Co. is one of the few extra delicious and supremely gourmet, better-for-you sauce companies out there, and it’s from the fitness influencer giant Joey Swoll. The company came to market about three and a half years ago with three genuinely enjoyable sauces that unbelievably had only ten calories a serving, and they weren’t any ordinary options with Cilantro Lime Ranch, Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ, and Spicy Garlic Parm.

At some point, Joey Swoll’s Taste Flavor Co. went away. We’re not sure when, but its website was closed, and all of its tasty sauces on Amazon are completely unavailable. The good news is we only heard about its disappearance because the brand has announced it’s getting ready for a comeback. You can now head to and sign up to be notified when its reputable sauces will be available, and by the sounds of things, it’s close.

Taste Flavor Co has revealed it is going to be relaunching with three different sauces, all featuring that same delicious, gourmet approach and significantly lower calories than most flavorful sauces at ten a serving. The upcoming tastes are all from the brand’s previous selection with the two originals Cherry Smoked BBQ and Spicy Garlic Parm, and then one of the most recent flavor creations the brand brought to market in Hot Honey Sriracha.

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