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Neutonic’s Cognizin-powered productivity drink lands its first flavor extension

Tropical Ice Neutonic Energy Drink

Neutonic is a young and recently featured energy drink competitor, or as the brand refers to itself, a productivity drink. It does have a point with that typing, as its beverage isn’t built for just energy with common ingredients like caffeine, taurine, vitamins, and minerals. Neutonic features a much more complex combination of B vitamins, ginseng, theanine, rhodiola, and premium and proven Cognizin at a highly effective 500mg a can and a productivity level of caffeine at 120mg.

Since its debut, Neutonic has been available in two flavors, both named after their refreshing experiences with Wild Citrus and Orange Sunrise. This week, the growing beverage brand has revealed and released its first-ever and third overall taste for its productivity drink, and it’s a nice fit alongside the original pair. Joining the citrusy options is a recipe with a wider variety of fruits in a Tropical Ice Neutonic, combining passionfruit, pineapple, and a touch of citrus in blood orange.

One of the key highlights of Neutonic and its Cognizin-powered productivity drink is that it is already available internationally, with both Amazon here in the US and Amazon in the UK stocking it at $34.99 and £23.99, respectively. To start, the all-new Tropical Ice Neutonic energy drink is only listed on the UK Amazon website, not the US, although we have to imagine the brand is planning to continue its international consistency, and Tropical Ice will make its way here shortly.

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