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Save up to 50% during VMI’s Black Friday sale and get its all-new Sour Candy K-XR RTD

Vmi Sports Sour Candy K Xr Rtd

VMI Sports is widely known for its mainstream-level, price-competitive, and reliably effective pre-workout K-XR, which also has a convenient version by way of the K-XR RTD and the promising, premium and still upcoming K-XR Elite. Like many others in the sports nutrition industry, VMI is running a strong sale for Black Friday, where it is discounting everything by as much as 50%, with the K-XR pre-workout down to under the $30 mark at $29.99 and the always tasty Protolyte drops to $59.99.

Another heavily discounted supplement from VMI Sports for its Black Friday sale is the K-XR Pre-Workout RTD, getting that full 50% off at $4.99 a bottle, or you can grab a case of 12 for $54.99, which is only marginally better than that individual bottle price. To go with the limited-time promotion, the brand has rolled out another flavor of the beverage version of K-XR, its third candy-themed creation going alongside Gummy Bear and Blue Shark Gummy with the extra tart experience Sour Gummy.

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