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Kill Vice Labs goes live on Amazon with its two pre-workouts exclusively in a bundle for $59.95

Where To Buy Kill Vice Labs Supplements

The recently revealed and featured Kill Vice Labs has officially launched, not through its own online store yet, but via the online retail giant Amazon for quick and easy Prime Member shipping. Both of the brand’s supplements are on there, and by design, you can only purchase them together, not separately, with the two stackable pre-workouts costing you $59.95 for a 20-serving tub of Pump and a 40/20 serving bottle of Stim.

The way Kill Vice Labs has positioned its supplements is, as mentioned, to be taken together. As per their names, Pump is built specifically to improve and enhance muscle pumps and performance without any stimulants. On the other side is Stim, which is for energy and focus, and neither of them have any ingredients that cross over with the other for seamless and convenient stacking to get either experience or the two together.

The products are like most pairs of pre-workouts from brands, but again, you can only buy Kill Vice Labs Pump and Stim together in one bundle. It keeps things nice and simple, where they combine together for a comprehensive experience of energy, focus, pumps, and performance. You can also take them separately in Stim if you just want energy and focus, and Pump if you want to go stim-free for pumps and performance.