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Six tastes come to Xtremis for Black Friday including Uncut Creatine’s first three flavors

Xtremis Creatine Sicario El Jefe Flavors For Black Friday

Xtremis Cartel already made news this week with the release of its packed-out nootropic Magico, which is not short on highlights, including a huge 5g of tyrosine, premium CognatiQ and VINCAmind, and a gram of alpha-GPC. As great of a supplement as Magico looks to be, it has also rolled out a handful of flavor extensions, six to be exact, and with Nutri Cartel’s Black Friday sale still very much going on; you can get in and save big on any of the items.

Xtremis Cartel has put together a smooth new Orange Creamsicle flavor of its signature pre-workout El Jefe and added two actual tastes to its glycerol-based, stackable, pump-powering pre-workout Sicario Swole in Sour Gummy Bear and the also candy-themed Peach Rings. The other three are the first-ever flavors for the brand’s Uncut Series, standalone creatine in Grape Candy, Strawberry Lemonade, and Orange Creamsicle, with a lower 80 servings a tub.

The Black Friday flavor extensions from Xtremis Cartel are each supplement’s usual price, with El Jefe at $54.95 and the flavored Sicario Swoles at $46.99. The creatines, as mentioned, are slightly smaller in size compared to the product’s unflavored original, but the price is lower, too, at $26.99. For Black Friday, all of Xtremis is discounted quite heavily at Nutri Cartel with up to 32% off depending on your order size, which drops the likes of El Jefe to a strong $37.36.

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