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XXL Nutrition squeezes 15g of protein into a small 60ml berry-flavored shot

Xxl Nutrition Protein Shot

Traditionally, shot-style supplements are about energy, where you get a nice dose of caffeine for intense energy in the form of a small, pocket-sized, flavored drink, usually with a volume of around 60ml. XXL Nutrition in Europe has been known to mix that approach up with the likes of its advanced pre-workout shot, Pre Shot; then, you have Collagen Shot with an effective amount of beauty-supporting collagen; and the amino-powered BCAA Shot.

XXL Nutrition is adding to its selection of convenient shot supplements once again here at the end of the year with Protein Shot, which takes that classic shot-style format and jams a good amount of protein into it. The compact and convenient product gives you a moderate 15g of protein, all from whey, in a 60ml bottle with almost no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, and a calorie count of 61.6, so only 1.6 of those calories is not coming from protein.

Protein Shot from XXL Nutrition has debuted in only one flavor, a sweet and refreshing Berry, and it is available in a pack of a dozen bottles at €26.99 (28.61 USD), working out to a cost of €2.25 every time you throw down one of the shots.