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Alpha Neon closes out its run of releases with a TUDCA and NAC-powered organ health product

Alpha Neon Synergiz

Alpha Neon in the UK has had a huge week here in the second full week of December, pairing the exciting times leading up to Christmas with the release of several completely new supplements and flavor extensions. Over the past couple of days, fans have been introduced to standalone Arachidonic Acid, the premium hydration competitor Hydron8, and four more flavors of the brand’s signature protein powder, Super4.

Here today, we have yet another completely new supplement from Alpha Neon by the name of Synergiz, and it is the brand’s signature premium approach to formulations and the always-important health and wellness category of organ support. The product has been produced specifically to support, enhance, protect, and improve organ health, and it has a reliable set of ingredients that should have no trouble delivering that.

Alpha Neon’s Synergiz comes with all of the usual premium components to support heart, lung, and liver health, including the rarely used but highly effective TUDCA at 600mg in a four-capsule serving, half a gram of n-acetyl-l-cysteine, 150mg each of saw palmetto and hawthorn berry, and 60mg each of grape seed and celery extract. The combination of TUDCA and n-acetyl-l-cysteine is great to see, as they are beneficial in this area of health and wellness, but they’re not seen all that often in the same supplement.

Organ health competitors do tend to creep up there in price, although that is common for this sort of supplement, with Alpha Neon’s entry into the specialized market being no different. Directly through the UK brand’s online store, you’ll pay £38.99 (49.47 USD) for a full-size bottle of 120 capsules, which is enough to last you a typical month as Synergiz is something you’d be taking every day, working out or not.