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Body By K packs a bunch of additional benefits into its beauty-supporting IsoGen protein powder

Apollon Nutrition Body By K Isogen

Body By K from Apollon Nutrition and its CEO Karalina Malachayeva, has been unveiled and confirmed as a selection of supplements separate from its hardcore sports nutrition lineup of Assassin, Hooligan, 50/50 Formula, and the rest. It is made up of three different products, including a protein powder by the name of IsoGen, that takes an alternative approach to the saturated and typically simple category.

Apollon Nutrition and Body By K’s IsoGen packs 20g of protein from fast-absorbing whey isolate and an additional 11g of protein from collagen, plus all of the hair, skin, nail, and joint benefits that come with that ingredient. Furthering the complexity of the supplement is 200mg of hyaluronic acid, another beauty-supporting component, DigeSEB to improve digestion and gut health, and Velositol at an effective 2g a serving to improve muscle protein synthesis, and essentially double the power of your protein.

You also get a blend of vitamins and minerals to support general health and wellness on top of the beauty, joint, and muscle-building benefits of protein, making for a genuinely unique and complex protein powder competitor. The entire Body By K collection from Apollon Nutrition and Karalina Malachayeva is launching at the end of this week in a sweet and decadent Chocolate Raspberry flavor.