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Body By K’s Radiant brings Apollon’s packed and premium approach to beauty supplements

Apollon Nutrition X Body By K Radiant

Radiant is the appropriately titled and dedicated beauty supplement under Apollon Nutrition and Karalina Malachayeva’s Body By K collection of products, which is geared more towards a female market, focusing on wellness and beauty benefits. Radiant is very much the typical Apollon approach to formulation with a premium set of reliable ingredients and dosages supporting the primary purpose of beauty and wellness.

You can see the complete facts panel for Apollon Nutrition and Body By K’s Radiant in the image below, and as mentioned, similar to the hardcore supplement company’s packed premium products, it has a loaded formula. The beauty-supporting supplement comes full of proven components, including Nuliv’s Verbasnol for skin health and hydration, and Nutrition21’s Lustriva for better-looking hair and skin.

Apollon Nutrition X Body By K Radiant Label

The many other ingredients alongside Verbasnol and Lustriva are 200mg of hyaluronic acid, a common beauty supplement inclusion, and a host of other premium components in half a gram of Setria glutathione, 250mg of Astrion, and 150mg of Florabella. Apollon Nutrition and Body By K have also thrown in some fitting vitamins and minerals into Radiant in C, D, E, and K1, biotin, and lastly, the ever-present absorption and efficacy-enhancing AstraGin at its usual and effective 50mg a serving.

Body By K’s Radiant is launching this coming Friday alongside the other products in the collaboration between Apollon Nutrition and its CEO Karalina Malachayeva. The supplement will be debuting alongside the beauty-supporting protein powder IsoGen and the hybrid fat burning pre-workout Black Tulip. You can probably expect a premium but deserving price tag on Radiant due to that stacked facts panel.