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Beast Pharm is working on a daily health supplement featuring clinically proven Wellmune

Beast Pharm Daily Health Product

Eddie Hall’s all-new sports nutrition company Beast Pharm only hit the market a couple of months ago, but it made plenty of noise when it did, rolling out with a stronger variety of supplements than most newcomers. The brand debuted with two pre-workouts, Stim and Pump, the former with stimulants and the latter without; Hydro, built to improve and enhance hydration; and Recover, a balanced post-workout protein for better recovery.

Beast Pharm recently followed its launch with a more straightforward protein powder competitor named Whey, separate from Recover, and again, featuring a more typical protein solution, filling out its servings with 20g of protein, 6g of carbohydrates, and a gram of fat. Despite its young age, Beast Pharm is already discussing another new supplement to join its original four and quickly follow the one-week-old Beast Whey protein powder.

Eddie Hall and Beast Pharm have revealed they are planning to come out with a daily health and wellness supplement; basically, it is something for you to take on a day-to-day basis to support a variety of areas outside of the gym. That will include immune system reinforcement with the help of the premium and proven Wellmune beta-glucan, but knowing the brand and seeing its other products, there will definitely be more to the upcoming formula.