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Eddie Hall’s brand makes its long-awaited debut and prices all of its products at a mainstream level

Where To Buy Eddie Halls Beast Pharm

Right on queue as promised, Eddie Hall’s fresh new family of sports nutrition products under the name Beast Pharm, has gone live in the UK through the online store at The selection of supplements covers a couple of the industry’s most popular categories, with the stackable pre-workouts Stim and Pump, the hydration-supporting Hydro, and the protein-based post-workout solution Recover.

If you visit today, you’ll find it’s blocked off by a password entry section, where you can enter the code “BEASTVIP”, and be granted access to purchase any of the four sports nutrition products from Eddie Hall and Beast Pharm. For those that have been wondering about pricing, we suspected the brand and its supplements might fall into the mainstream level, and that is the case, as they all have reasonably cost-effective pricing with Hydro at £29.95, Stim and Pump at £34.95 (43.79 USD), and protein and carbohydrate-fueled Recover is £49.95.

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