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Beyond Raw packs a host of premium components into its daily-use Vital Elements

Beyond Raw Vital Elements

The reputable and advanced, GNC-exclusive brand Beyond Raw, has elevated its position in the daily health and wellness space with a revamped and complex multivitamin by the name of Vital Elements. Before this the brand had Raw Elements featuring a wide variety of ingredients with an interesting twist where it divided everything up into two separate packs of pills; one for when you wake up and one for the night.

Modern multivitamin pack

To close out 2023, Beyond Raw’s Vital Elements is stepping things up even further in the multivitamin category, maintaining its original approach with a comprehensive set of vitamins and minerals, but adding a host of other components on top of all of that. We’ve got the facts panel for the health and wellness supplement below, and as you can see, it has grown to include several other beneficial daily-use ingredients.

GNC and Beyond Raw’s Vital Elements has dropped the morning and night or AM and PM approach of Raw Elements, with everything rolled into a single pack that you take once a day. Inside the pack, the ingredients are still grouped and divided up, for example, all of the joint and mobility-supporting components are in the dark yellow capsule, so if there is a specific group you want to take out for any reason, you can.

Multi-benefit formula

Alongside the balanced blend of vitamins and minerals in Vital Elements, including the likes of 300mg of vitamin C, zinc at 25mg, and 120mcg of chromium, is premium and patented TamaFlex to support joint health and a gut health blend of guar fiber, ButyraGen tributyrin, and 50mg of digestive enzymes. A couple of interesting components in the supplement are n-acetyl-cysteine at 600mg a serving for liver support, and the muscle strength and size-building MyoTOR, also found in Beyond Raw’s Concept X pre-workout.

Beyond Raw Vital Elements Label

As mentioned, Beyond Raw has stepped up its efforts in the multivitamin market with Vital Elements, taking some key points from its original Raw Elements but evolving the supplement. Vital Elements is still very much a comprehensive health and wellness supplement featuring a wider set of benefits and modern premium ingredients, with MyoTOR being a nice touch and making it somewhat of a muscle-building multivitamin.

Premium price tag

With the premium approach, in-depth formula, and many premium ingredients Beyond Raw has jammed into Vital Elements, you are going to pay a high price, much more than your common multivitamin sitting around the $20 region. Again, the GNC-exclusive brand has provided plenty of ingredients and benefits to support the price tag which is $89.99 over at and that is for a box of 30 packs for a typical month.