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Body Science expands its standalone side with Creatine HCl, Advanced Malto and Glycerol

Body Science Creatine Advanced Malto Glycerol

Fans of Swedish house brand Body Science from MM Sports who were looking for some more single-ingredient supplements to add to their workout stacks have been given precisely that and with enough time to get them under the Christmas tree. The brand already has a mountain of these sorts of products available, but the more the merrier, with three newly released items, the majority of them named after their key ingredient.

Body Science’s latest extensions are Creatine HCl, a 150g bag of unflavored creatine HCl for muscle strength and power, which works out to 100 servings at 1.5g each or 50 at 3g; how ever you want to work it. Next is Advanced Malto, centered around the high-quality carbohydrate source, Cluster Dextrin highly branched cyclic dextrin, and like Creatine HCl, it can be dosed to your liking with 400g of unflavored Cluster Dextrin a bag.

Last but not least is Body Science’s Glycerol, featuring another branded version of a familiar component in GlycerSize glycerol, known for its hydration and pump-enhancing ability with 40 servings a pack, each providing 5g of GlycerSize. The latest products from the retailer and its house brand are available straight from its website, ranging in price from 169 kr for Advanced Malto, 249 kr for Glycerol, and 299 kr for Creatine HCl.