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Bodybuilding Com Splash Candy said it had plenty of house brands and extensions coming down the pipeline back when it was rampaging with its Elite Series, and that has proven to be incredibly true. Over the last few weeks, the online retail giant has been dropping several new lines, including the likes of Revel and Cheap Supplements, and here today it is introducing yet another new brand by way of Splash Candy.

Splash Candy from isn’t the flavorful low-sugar or better-for-you candy it sounds like, or it is to some extent but with a whole lot more function to it. Splash Candy is a line of health and wellness supplements in the always enjoyable gummy candy format. To keep things nice and simple, the brand has named each of its six products after their key ingredient, benefit, or the category it’s for.

The lineup of gummy supplements from and its newly released Splash Candy consists of Nighttime Chews for sleep, Defense Chews for immunity, the beauty-supporting Radiant Chews, Turmeric Chews, Move Chews for joint health, and the multivitamin, Daily Chews. The formulas behind each of the products aren’t supremely complex, with a few reliable components to get the job done like Defense’s vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry, and Nighttime’s blend of melatonin and passionflower extract.

Of course, the place to go to purchase or check out Splash Candy and its selection of health and wellness gummy supplements is directly through’s online store. The ingredients and purposes of each product are different, as highlighted above, although their pricing isn’t as much. A full-size bottle of five of the six supplements is $14.99 each, with the one exception being Defense Chews sitting at $24.99.