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Revel By said it had plenty more in-house lines coming later this year following its standout Elite Series, and it has certainly been following through on that word. We’ve seen gummy extensions to its Signature Series, the Protein Pack meal prep, the health and wellness-focused Nourish + Bloom, and Cheap Supplements, which we believe is theirs, too. Revel is the latest line of supplements from the long-running sports nutrition retailer, marketed as a loud and colorful lifestyle-type brand.

Revel by features some unmissable branding, bringing together a whole host of colors that change from product to product, mixed into a marbling style background. The categories the brand has started off in further reflect that lifestyle and active nutrition approach, as most of them aren’t traditional sports nutrition spaces. There is the fat burner Midnight Meltdown, probiotic Bloat Buster, the morning energy formula Morning Ignition, The Cleanse, and the rather basic Collagen Bond.

Revel By

None of the supplements from and Revel have supremely advanced or complex combinations of ingredients, although, to be fair, that’s not the goal of this one; for that you can grab its Elite Series or even the moderately priced selection in the Signature Series. Revel is built for your more everyday general consumer interested in adding some easy-to-use products for a healthier lifestyle that don’t necessarily require an intense exercise routine, hence things like Bloat Buster and Collagen.

The prices of the products under the Revel brand by are another sign of the market they’re going after, as they’re nowhere near the amount of your typical pre-workout or 2lb tub of protein powder. Nothing in the Revel family goes above $30, with Morning Ignition, Collagen Bond, and the coffee-suited Collagen Bond Creamer costing $29.99, Bloat Buster a bit lower at $24.99, and The Cleanse and the weight loss competitor Midnight Meltdown sit just under the $20 mark at $19.99.

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