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Deformulate our weekly facts panel and be in to win a stack of supplements

Deformulator early access

The hard-working team at Stack3d has cooked up something for a bit of fun and to reward supplement consumers, introducing Deformulator. It is a game you can play on any sort of device, whether we’re talking about a tablet, mobile, laptop, or full-sized desktop computer; as long as you can visit, you’re good to go. We plan on switching the challenge every week, and visitors can get involved and take part at least five times a week to go in the draw for an ever-changing grand prize.

Stack3d’s Deformulator is a game where most simply, you are shown a non-transparent, proprietary blend, like you see on the occasional pre-workout, and you are tasked with figuring out the actual dosages. We’ve written the amounts down on the back end that make up the fictional facts panel, then we give you those answers as well as a few others. It is your job to deformulate the facts panel in three minutes by matching the correct dosages to the ingredients using facts panel rules and subtle clues.

Deformulator is officially launching this Monday, right on the first day of the New Year, although we figured we’d make it live early for anyone who wants to give it a try before then. All you need to do is head to, hit the main button, enter your details, and deformulate the presented facts panel as best you can. You are told after you submit your answers whether or not you passed or failed, and you get multiple chances to get it right, five to be exact, which can be taken 24 hours apart.

The prize for the first round is a $100 gift card for a supplement store to be announced Monday, and Deformulator is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Feel free to reach out if there are any bugs or issues at any point in the functionality of the game, and we’ll get them corrected as best we can. Once again, Deformulator was created for a bit of fun as well as education, as it’s a nice way to learn about labels, ingredients, and dosages, and we’ve got plenty of twists and turns as it grows in popularity.

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