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As Zero Tingle Optismal goes out of stock Ekkovision rolls in a Tingle alternative

Ekkovision Tingle Optismal

As suspected when Ekkovision’s latest pre-workout creation, Optismal, went live a week or so ago, a beta-alanine version is now available for purchase directly through its online store. Optismal is another pre-workout collaboration in partnership with the brand’s premier ambassador and influencer, Joel Twinem, and it is replacing the previously available Outkast, with an equally packed out and premium combination of ingredients.

When Ekkovision and Joel Twinem’s Optismal initially became available, it was pointed out that Tingle and Zero Tingle options were listed, which was the case for its predecessor Outkast. Tingle is essentially the same formula with beta-alanine, while Zero Tingle is the formula without it, with everything else remaining. The Zero Tingle Opismal was the only one available to begin, although starting this week, Tingle is live for the same $49.99.

Ekkovision’s timing on the Tingle Optismal couldn’t be better, as it has already sold out of every unit of the previously lonely Zero Tingle Optismal, so at the moment, Tingle is the way to go. As far as flavors are concerned, the brand has the same extensive five-flavor menu for the beta-alanine alternative as the Zero Tingle with Blueberry Gummy, Mango Coconut, Sour Watermelon, Cherry Lime, and Raspberry Lemonade.