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Ekkovision and TNF continue their balance of pump and focus in Optismal with NO3-T and Cognizin

Ekkovision X Joel Twinem Optismal

The latest pre-workout innovation from the team at Ekkovision — the somewhat pre-workout specialist — has arrived, introducing Joel Twinem’s second stacked supplement collaboration, Optismal. This is intended to be a replacement for the first product the two put together in Outkast, and it certainly carries on that legacy, bringing together a powerhouse blend of ingredients and dosages that centers around pumps and focus more than any other core benefits.

Pump and focus heavy formula

Ekkovision and Joel Twinem’s Optismal pre-workout has a similar balance of effects as Outkast, which is not surprising since it is from the same pairing of brand and ambassador. The pump side of things has certainly been stepped up, and the performance component subdued as there is no beta-alanine in Optismal like there was in Outkast, a huge uplift in pump support thanks to a solid 3g of NO3-T betaine nitrate, and a slightly lighter dose of betaine anhydrous at 2.5g.

The rest of the ingredients in Ekkovision’s all-new Optismal are there for the sensory portion of the pre-workout, providing support for strong, reliable energy and tunnel-vision-like mental focus. As always, the brand is not selling you short there, squeezing in 2.5g of tyrosine, 350mg of theobromine, 250mg of premium and proven Cognizin citicoline, 100mg of CognatiQ, previously NeuroFactor, and a similarly potent level of caffeine combining for around 430mg in a full serving.

Ekkovision Optismal Label

All-in-all, Optismal is a solid replacement for Outkast, bringing over that same core idea of offering more for pumps and focus with a nice strong level of energy, but doing so with a seemingly improved blend of ingredients, especially the 3g of NO3-T betaine nitrate and the premium focus drivers Cognizin and CognatiQ, which were also in Outkast.

Lower price, fewer servings

Ekkovision and Joel Twinem’s second pre-workout is out and available directly through the brand’s online store at, the only place these days you can purchase any of its supplements. Interestingly, there is a much lower price on Optismal and a significant drop in servings as well; where Outkast was $62.99 before discount for a tub of 30 maximum servings, Optismal falls by a third to 20 fully-loaded servings, but for $13 less, sitting at $49.99.

Tingle version not here yet

Lastly, something worth noting that appears to be coming to Optismal is a feature fans may remember Outkast, where it had two versions on the market in Outklast Tingle and Outkast Zero Tingle; the former had beta-alanine and the latter did not. Those options are listed on Ekkovision’s website — Tingle and Zero Tingle — however, only the Zero Tingle is available for its five different flavors, but that does seem to indicate that a beta-alanine-infused variety is on the way.