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Emrald Labs goes with fair and moderate dosages for its dedicated nootropic

Emrald Labs Focus

Australian brand Emrald Labs has jumped into the nootropic market with Focus+ and brought a fairly robust competitor into the category featuring a variety of ingredients primarily centered around improving and supporting focus and cognition. Emerald is a reasonably advanced, well-rounded sports nutrition brand, with most of its supplements featuring a nice selection of ingredients to get whatever the job is, done, and at a good level of efficacy.

Emrald Labs Focus+ aims to enhance mood, cognition, and focus, as well as elevate energy, as it is a nootropic supplement with caffeine in the mix, so you’ll need to be mindful if you’re planning to stack it with other stimulant-backed products. Again, the brand has brought together a variety of ingredients for this one, but nothing at supremely high dosages as you’ll find in some of the more comprehensive entries in the specialized nootropic space.

Emrald Labs has put a variety of B vitamins into Focus+, as well as 150mg each of alpha-GPC and ashwagandha, both usually found at heavier than that at 300mg and 600mg, respectively, alongside 80mg of rhodiola, 30mg of theacrine, and 250mg of lion’s extract. Some of the better-dosed ingredients in the nootropic include a gram each of taurine, tyrosine, and acetyl-l-carnitine, all of which are close to what you see in some of the stronger competitors in the category, with the caffeine coming in at a moderate 150mg.

Focus+ from Emrald Labs has enough in its formula to have a noticeable effect in the areas it’s promoting, maybe not as much as more loaded nootropic offerings, but in the tight regulations of Australia, it’s a respectable entry from a domestic company. Through the brand’s online store, you’ll pay $77 (51.34 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, and like most supplements down under, it’s in powder in Mango Passionfruit and Pine Lime flavors.