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ESN makes a giant 6.6lb bag of unflavored cream of rice for use with its Designer Flavor Powder

Esn Designer Rice Pudding

The German giant ESN has released a functional and reasonably straightforward nutrition supplement by the name of Designer Rice Pudding, which sounds like something different and a bit gourmet but is a standalone cream of rice. The product comes in a giant 3kg or 6.6lb bag, which is indeed massive, working out to a total of 50 servings if a 60g scoop providing 50g of carbohydrates fits your macros and right into your diet.

ESN’s Designer Rice Pudding is, as mentioned, just a big bag of cream of rice, with that 60g serving giving you 50g of carbohydrates, absolutely none of that sugar, under half a gram of fat, 4.6g of protein, and a calorie count of 223. Unlike other competitors in the world of cream of rice in the UK and Europe, ESN’s effort is not flavored, neutral in taste, with the brand suggesting using its Designer Flavor Powder for a bit of flavor.

Designer Rice Pudding is cost-effective considering the amount of cream of rice you get in the beast of a 3kg bag, available on at €29 (31.26 USD), or if you’d prefer to simply sample it before investing in a full size, the brand does sell sachets of 100g as €1.90 (2.05 USD).

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