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Ghost Energy begins rolling out in Canada in four flavors and 180mg of caffeine a can

Ghost Energy Drink In Canada

Ghost recently released a specific version of its popular beverage, the Ghost Energy Drink, in Australia with a few tweaks to its formula and a slightly different variety of flavors, including the exclusives Blue Raspberry and Original Lemon Lime. The ever-expanding brand and beverage has now also made its way up to Canada with a similar strategy featuring some changes to its formula to fit with the rules and regulations that apply to energy drinks in that country.

You can get a glimpse of the Canadian Ghost Energy Drink in the image above, where the product’s eye-catching, colorful look has remained the same. The international version of the beverage does include English and French on its can, as required, as well as the bold black and white Health Canada stamp. On the inside, there is a variety of B vitamins, vitamin C, Carnipure carnitine tartrate, taurine at a gram a drink, and alpha-GPC plus premium Neurofactor for mental focus.

All-natural caffeine is, of course, still a core part of the Ghost Energy Drink in Canada at a lower 180mg, just 20mg less than what you get in the US, and that is to comply with the rules and regulations of the country. Nutritionally, the brand has remained consistent with only a gram of carbohydrates in a 16oz can, absolutely none of that is sugar, and five calories for four flavors in Cherry Limeade, Orange Cream, and authentic Warheads Watermelon and Green Apple.

The Ghost Energy Drink is rolling out to stores across Canada starting this month in partnership with the country’s premier sports nutrition distributor, Peak Performance Products, which has a powerful reach and will ensure every energy drink connoisseur can easily get their hands on Ghost’s tasty and functional beverage.