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Gorilla Mind formulates a dedicated cortisol supplement backed by KSM-66

Gorilla Mind Calm

Gorilla Mind Calm is the latest sports nutrition supplement from the powerhouse Gorilla Mind, which is a replacement for its dedicated cortisol control competitor, Cortisol Blocker. Calm is a greatly improved version of that, with significantly higher dosages of some of the same ingredients as well as some additional components for the same purpose. Again, the goal of the product is to control or block cortisol, which comes with a whole host of benefits, incredibly complementary for most lifestyles.

Gorilla Mind Calm brings together five key ingredients, all of them at strong and highly effective dosages, with three of those coming from the original Cortisol Blocker. The driving components in the supplement are the premium and multi-study backed KSM-66 ashwagandha at 600mg, more than double Cortisol Blocker; phosphatidylserine and rhodiola also at 600mg each; then there is 400mg of theanine, four times that of Cortisol Blocker; and 30mg of saffron extract, also found in the nootropic Gorilla Mind Smooth.

Gorilla Mind Calm Label

Gorilla Mind promotes a lengthy list of benefits for Gorilla Mind Calm and its cortisol-blocking ability, such as reduced stress, better relaxation, improved insulin sensitivity, weight management, and enhanced recovery. It packs a versatile formula that could work in most maintenance, weight loss, and muscle-building stacks, as any of those would benefit from Calm’s effects, and it is a well-dosed step up from the brand’s previous only offering of Cortisol Blocker.

Fans of Gorilla Mind and its original cortisol control supplement, Cortisol Blocker, will notice there is a key component missing from the move to Gorilla Mind Calm, and that is the rarely used but impressively effective emodin. That has not been carried over to the latest innovation from the brand, which you can purchase directly from Gorilla Mind’s online store beginning today. The price of a bottle of Calm is $49.99 before discount from any ongoing coupons, and that’s for a bottle of 30 regular or 15 full-on servings.