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Gorilla Mind turns Cortisol Blocker into a versatile emodin-only supplement

Gorilla Mind Cortisol Blocker Emodin Only

Gorilla Mind Calm is Gorilla Mind’s advanced, flagship cortisol supplement, taking over the position of Cortisol Blocker. The product has a few higher dosages, added components by way of KSM-66 branded ashwagandha and saffron, and the loss of emodin. While Calm is replacing Cortisol Blocker as the brand’s premier cortisol control competitor, Cortisol Blocker is actually not going anywhere; Gorilla Mind has decided to keep it on board, although it’s nowhere near as complex.

As mentioned, emodin is not a part of Gorilla Mind Calm anymore, but if you want that in your stack, you can now purchase the reformulated Cortisol Blocker. The brand has indeed kept the supplement alive and essentially turned it into a standalone emodin offering, again making it incredibly easy to add to your stack when needed. The new Cortisol Blocker has the same amount of emodin as its predecessor, with half a gram paired with 40mg of BioPerine to improve absorption.

The emodin-only Cortisol Blocker is 20% cheaper than Gorilla Mind Calm, coming in at $39.99 over at Just like you get the same dose of emodin as the original Cortisol Blocker, you also get the same amount of servings in the simplified supplement at 60 single capsules or 30 double servings with that 500mg dose. The brand has also put together a stack where you can try the all-new Gorilla Mind Calm and refreshed Cortisol Blocker at a discounted total of $84.99.

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