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No Alpha Yo flavor Grape Bubblegum comes to the original Ninja Up pre-workout

Grape Bubblegum Ninja Up

At the start of the year, Ninja did something quite interesting with its original stimulant-backed pre-workout Ninja Up. It introduced a new version of the supplement without hard-hitting alpha yohimbine, added hordenine, eria jarensis, and n-methyl-tyramine, and all else the same. The interesting part about it is that the spin-off version, per se, is actually an alternative, not a replacement for the original, with both formulas existing in the marketing alongside one another as Ninja Up and Ninja Up No Alpha Yo.

To make the choice even easier for fans between its pre-workouts, Ninja Up and Ninja Up No Alpha Yo, the latter was released in all of the same flavors with Energy Drink, Pineapple Sangria, and Juiced Fruit, plus a completely new taste by way of Grape Bubblegum. As the year comes to a close, Ninja has gone and rebalanced the menus of its two pre-workouts, bringing Grape Bubblegum over to the original Ninja Up supplement, and it is in stock now at at its ongoing $49.99 for a tub of 25 servings.

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