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DVST8 Dark RTD’s Illuminade flavor comes to the powerhouse powder original

Inspired Illuminade Dvst8 Dark

Inspired Nutraceuticals debuted its powerhouse premium pre-workout DVST8 Dark in three flavors for its regular version in Blue Dream, Forbidden Fruit, and Malibu Breeze, plus the more thermogenic-driven special edition Kill Aid option. The reputable brand just revealed and released a loaded RTD version of its DVST8 Dark pre-workout with a huge total of over 20g of active ingredients, and it comes in four flavors, two of which are from the original powder in Forbidden Fruit and Malibu Breeze.

Fans of Inspired Nutraceuticals and its reputable pre-workout DVST8 Dark, specifically the bulk supplement from earlier in the year, have been treated to another option, and it’s here just in time for Christmas. The regular version of DVST8 Dark has welcomed taste number four or five overall, with one of the DVST8 Dark RTD’s completely new tastes joining the menu in Illuminade. For those who want a more detailed description, Illuminade is a blend of strawberry, watermelon, and lemonade.

Inspired Nutraceuticals has already made its first-ever DSVT8 Dark flavor extension available for purchase through its online store at $49.99, and again, you can also get Illuminade for the DVST8 Dark RTD individually at $5.99 a bottle for those that just want to sample it or go all in at a case of 12 for $59.99.

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