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Introducing Kudo and its light and crunchy popcorn packing 10g of protein a bag

Kudo Protein Popcorn

Over the years, we’ve seen a few health and fitness companies turn the classic movie snack of popcorn into a better-for-you, functional food, although despite the many competitors utilizing the format, there still aren’t many protein popcorns out there. Kudo is one of the most recent entries into the field with its simply titled Kudo Protein Popcorn, and it stands by that name, packing a good amount of protein per bag.

Kudo Protein Popcorn comes with 10g of protein in a sizeable 56g bag thanks to its recipe involving whey protein, alongside 20 to 26g of carbohydrates, 2 to 8g of that being sugar, 18g of fat, and calories ranging between 280 to 300. Despite the protein-heightened macros, the brand still proudly promises a traditional popcorn-like experience with soft and easy-to-eat pieces providing that better for you nutrition profile.

Kudo’s Protein Popcorn does keep things interesting on the flavor side, with three to choose from, all having that same 10g of protein per bag in a classic White Cheddar, Garlic Parmesan, and Salty Sweet. You can get any or all of those options directly from the brand’s online store at $3.99 a bag with several bulk bundles to get more units and save a good amount of money, including two bags of each flavor at $3.66