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Introducing Local Weather and its functional entry into the growing sports drink space

Local Weather Sports Drink

Local Weather is a fresh new face and name on the sports drink scene, and as we’ve been mentioning about increased interest encouraging more innovation and competitiveness, it is indeed doing things rather differently. Firstly, the brand has packaged its beverage competitor in infinitely recyclable aluminum, giving it a premium look and feel, and that continues into the formula inside, as Local Weather has packed it with a robust blend of electrolytes and several functional ingredients.

There is a bit of nutrition to Local Weather, not as low as other no to low sugar sports drinks out there with 6g of cane sugar a bottle and 36 calories, but again, there is a lot more to this. The premium product includes coconut water and pink Himalayan salt as reliable sources of the essential electrolytes sodium and potassium; for a touch of focus and concentration there is theanine and tyrosine; and lastly, the brand has included the multi-effect ashwagandha, mostly for its stress-reducing ability.

Local Weather has certainly built something a bit different for the sports drink space, which has seen a lot of action over the last couple of years, although we would have liked to see the exact dosages of everything. The use of theanine, tyrosine, and ashwagandha is great, but without any idea of their amounts, it’s tough to know how effective they’ll be for their specific purposes. You can try the Local Weather beverage for yourself at Whole Foods and its many locations, with three tastes to choose from, all refreshingly fruity in Mango Passionfruit, a classic Fruit Punch, and Orange Clementine.