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Magnum unveils ARA protein powder designed specifically to be added to a hot cup of coffee

Magnum Ara

Long-running, legacy Canadian supplement company Magnum Nutraceuticals has shared a preview of an intriguing new product it has coming down the pipeline by the name of ÄRA. It is certainly not your traditional sports nutrition offering; in fact, it’s more on the functional side of things, combining high-quality protein in a format that isn’t intended to be thrown in a shaker bottle for traditional post-workout or meal replacement use.

Magnum Nutraceuticals ÄRA is described as protein powder for your coffee; basically, it’s a premium hydrolyzed whey-based supplement that you add to your cup of coffee for an additional 10g of protein a serving, in non-creamer and a creamer variety for a thicker consistency. The product’s 10g of protein does come with 100 calories, and while there is no sugar, that total does mean 60% of the calories are not from protein.

ÄRA is due to be available later this month; in fact, to ensure fans and followers are prepared and ready to purchase, Magnum Nutraceuticals has set an exact launch date for the functional protein coffee supplement. You can get the protein powder for your coffee one week from today, on Thursday of next week, December 14th, and it’ll be available in a convenient format with a box of single-serving stick packs to tear and go.