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Mammoth now includes a plant-based product in its list of protein powders

Mammoth Plant Protein Powder

Canadian sports nutrition company Mammoth Supplements, recognizable by its bright yellow branding and mammoth silhouette logo, now includes a product that isn’t covered in that signature color. The well-established brand has expanded its offering in the saturated protein powder category, where it already competes with the blend-style Mammoth Protein, the premium isolate-based ISO-Rush, the high-calorie Mammoth Mass, and the more comprehensive and balanced meal replacement Mammoth Meal.

Mammoth Supplements has added a vegan-friendly, plant protein powder by the name of Mammoth Plant, bringing together a selection of superfoods to provide 22g of protein a serving, 3 to 4g of carbohydrates, only a gram of that sugar, 2g or less fat, and 120 calories. The ingredient providing almost all of the protein is pea with a bit of brown rice, pumpkin seed, and chia protein, with a few other superfoods in the mix by way of the greens broccoli and kale, as well as acai, lemon, and elderberry for immunity.

Again, Mammoth Plant gives Mammoth Supplements another option in the category of protein powder, specifically a plant-based alternative to its four other competitors, all of them utilizing dairy-based sources in some way. When it comes to vegan-friendly protein products, taste is a big deal, of which the Canadian brand has two to choose from in a classic Vanilla Shake and something a bit more uncommon in Cold Brew, costing $49.99 (36.82 USD) for a tub of 2lbs, working out to a total of 20 servings.