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Greece’s mainstream protein bar brand MOOVeat moves into protein powder with six flavors

Mooveat On The Whey Protein Powdfer

Similar to ION, featured here a couple of days ago, MOOVeat is a popular and widely available mainstream-level sports nutrition and functional company from Greece, and known mostly for its range of protein bars, packing as much as 28g of protein a piece. This month, the brand is going into the bulk supplement side of sports nutrition by way of a traditional protein powder cleverly named On The Whey, obviously powered by whey.

MOOVeat’s On The Whey comes with 21g of protein a serving, again, all from the category’s most commonly used source in whey, and it’s kept the rest of the supplement’s nutrition profile rather reasonable, including no added sugar and calories sitting between 112 to 116. The brand has made things a bit more interesting on the flavor side of things, debuting its foray into the saturated space with a strong six tastes to choose from.

On The Whey from MOOVeat comes in six flavors, including classics like Chocolate Chaos, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Cookie Lover’s; then you have Strawberry Milkshake, Caramel Dream, and Nocciolate Buono, which is sort of a Nutella-type experience with a mix of chocolate, hazelnut, and cream. MOOVeat can be found in all sorts of places across Greece, so we have to imagine On The Whey will have great distribution from launch.