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Greek chocolatier ION makes a stevia and no-added-sugar version of its Hazelnut protein bar

Ion Protein Bar With Stevia

ION is a confectionary company that specializes in chocolate all the way from Greece, and it has strong distribution throughout its home country, being found in convenience stores and supermarkets. The reason we’re featuring ION here at Stack3d, despite it being a chocolate maker, is because among that selection of delicious treats and snacks are a few high-protein items, including the ION Protein Bar with a respectable 20% protein.

The already large chocolatier, ION, has grown its better-for-you, higher protein side by way of first-for-the-line in a naturally-sweetened and no-added-sugar spin-off of one of its already available flavors of the ION Protein Bar. The brand has taken the original Hazelnut and created a green-packaged variant that, again, is naturally sweetened with stevia and has no added sugar with just 2.25g a bar versus the regular version’s 20.6g.

The rest of the macros making up the newly released Stevia-Sweetened Hazelnut ION Protein Bar includes 10g of protein, the same as the original, 21.5g of carbohydrates, 13.8g of fat, and some potent calories for the amount of protein you get at 223. We have to imagine the taste of this will be different from the non-stevia option, but it still has bits of hazelnut, crispy protein pieces, and rich chocolate to give it some familiarity.

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