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Naughty Boy is rounding out the year with a bunch of product reveals including standalone CurcuPrime

Naughty Boy Noogandha Mgultra4 And Curcuprime

Two-time International Brand Of The Year winner Naughty Boy is doing something quite different in the coming days, sharing the facts panels of 12 upcoming supplements, and here today, we’ve got details on three of them. In typical fashion of the sports nutrition brand, it hasn’t shared what the products are going to look like, only the ingredients they’re going to feature, and they’re all straightforward, commodity-type items.

The first three reveals from Naughty Boy include CurcuPrime, featuring half a gram of turmeric, absorption-supporting BioPerine black pepper, and the title ingredient, CurcuPrime, a superior, more soluble curcumin. Next is another premium component-named supplement in NooGandha with 225mg of the nootropic, liposomal-enhanced ashwagandha, then lastly, MGUltra4 featuring various forms of magnesium providing a combined total of 117.15mg in a two-capsule serving, with 60 a bottle.

As mentioned, Naughty Boy has plenty of other supplements to share the facts panels for in the coming weeks and days, making for an extremely exciting time for its ever-expanding international fanbase. From what it sounds like, the UK-based brand is indeed quickly following all of these reveals with official launches, suggesting CurcuPrime, NooGandha, and MGUltra4 are going to be available for purchase right after Christmas.